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About SinoCinetech

SinoCinetech Co., Ltd is the key cultural industry base of China’s film and television industry. It is invested participantly by China's Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute who has the power of direct leadership. Thereinto, Nanjing SinoCinetech Company mainly develops and produces digital movie playing and sound reproducing equipment. Beijing SinoCinetech Company relies on the film department of China's Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute. Its task is to understake design and project engineering for China’s main film base and cinema. Anhui SinoCinetech Company specializes in film and television equipment integration, supply and engineering project contract.

The company is located in Tangshan scenic spot, the eastern suburbs of Nanjing. It covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Its planning construction area is 31,640 square meters, The first period engineering construction area is 11,000 square meters. The company’s registered capital is 10 million yuan. Fixed assets and current funds is 110 million yuan. Of them, the fixed assets is 60 million yuan, and the current funds is 50 million yuan. The company has the independent right of Own-operation Export and Import, so it can declare on its own to do import and export business.

The company has more than 180 employees, including more than 30 managing staff, over 60 technicians, nearly 10 technical research and development personnel with the degree of Doctor’s and Master’s, and more than 50 designers and constructors with the degree of Bachelor's and Associate’s. Equipped with a full set of imported built sound and acoustic detection equipment, the company is in possess of products testing rooms, environmental laboratories, anechoic chambers, listening rooms and movie halls, which means it has the ability to develop high digital technology products.

The company is a member of International Cinema Technology Association. It is also the director unit of China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association and China Entertainment Technology Association. The company has already obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certificate and the national compulsory product 3C certificate. The digital movie equipment produced by the company all accepted qualification certification of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The Digital stereo sound reproducing equipment received the United States "THX" authentication and won the first BIRTV for "the most remarkable products prize". Through the evaluation, the company has also been awarded the Secondary Qualification Certificate of Cinema Show and Sound Engineering by the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association.

The company’s product brand is "Enpar", including: EDC series digital movie servers, EHD series digital movie players, DCP series digital movie audio processors, CPS series Loudspeaker Systems, CPA series and DSA series power amplifiers et al, more than 40 kinds. In the past three years, among China's new movie theaters, more than 400 movie theaters, and more than 2000 movie halls have chosen all kinds of film equipment of the"Enpar" brand, which accounts for over 50% of the total quantity. Meanwhile, in more than 10 countries, there are over 30 movie theaters and over 200 movie halls who have chosen the "Enpar" brand movie sound reproducing equipment. And it is also widely used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the People's Armed Police.

Set up by the joint investment of SinoCinetech Company, China Film Group, Jiangsu Film Company and Nanjing Movie Theater Company, Jiangsu Oriental industry Co., LTD is the largest theatre chain company in Jiangsu province.Nowadays, it has 48 cinemas and 199 pieces of silver screen.

Set up by the joint investment of SinoCinetech Company, Jiangsu Film Company and Nanjing Movie Theater Company, Jiangsu New Hope Rural Digital Theatre Chain Company is the only distribution and exhibition company engaged in rural digital film mobile playing system in Jiangsu province. At present,there are nearly 1000 digital film mobile playing teams in Jiangsu province.

The company holds and shares equity investment in many cinema constructions, such as Jiangdu Era Cinema, Nanjing China Film Oriental Hexi Cinema, Ningbo Age Movie World, Chongqing University Town Wanzhong Cinema et al.

Adhering to the enterprise idea of " innovation as the source, quality as the root, management as the base, service as the first ", SinoCinetech Company has harvested a lot in the film industry fields, such as design and consulting, equipment integration and supply, project contract and project investment and so on.

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