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As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection.

As earth’s condition is receptive devotion, a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind.

From 1994 to nowadays, through more than a decade’s arduous efforts, SinoCinetech Co., Ltd has grown into an enterprise with new high-technology and great impact on the film industry. “Enpar” series products have already become a widely publicized famous brand in this industry. Today’s development of SinoCinetech Co., Ltd is totally attributed to the excellent situation of China’s reform and opening up, to the vigorous development of the film industry and the ascendant of digital movie technology, more to the peers’ support and love in the same industry, and yet to the hard sweat and creativity of all our staff. Hereby, I'm full of gratitude to so many experts, most enterprises and all our friends who have made contribution to the growth and development of SinoCinetech Co., Ltd!To all employees with my hearty reverence!

Our new target is:
To be an enterprise with perpetual pursuit. We will carry on our predecessors’ spirit of hard struggle, striving constantly for self-improvement, and daring to be the first. Bearing in mind that "not to advance is to go back, so is slowly crawing ", We will always keep pace with industry leading, seize the gold development opportunity period of Chinese Cultural Industry, and keep enterprising, contributing to society, and strengthening ourselves.

To be an enterprise with great ambition. We will pay close attention to the international advanced level in order to innovate and develop. We will focus on new ideas, great measure and high investment to strengthen our own advantages, so as to make our enterprise products become the domestic leading and international synchronization. We will also actively develop international market to reveal the new image of “Made in China”.

To be an enterprise with prominent insight. We will set the European famous small and medium-sized enterprises as exemplary, to operate our enterprise with modern enterprise management system. Adhering to the enterprise idea of " innovation as the source, quality as the root, management as the base, service as the first ", we will improve "Enpar" brand development strategy to make the products with high quality, high efficiency, and high coverage service management.

To be an enterprise with strict integrity. It is our responsibility to form an enterprise culture of "integrity, confidence, diligence, and harmony" and build a work platform for the youngsters to learn, to shine, to create and to harvest. It is also necessary for us to carry forward fine moral characters such as mutual aid, unite as a whole, credibility hospitality, and warm-hearted public welfare. We will make high-quality products emerge endlessly, and identify more talents to stand out, who will eventually return society better.

We are ready to cooperate closely with brother companies and head forward shoulder by shoulder with them. We will seize the core of present development and create a harmonious win-win business environment, so as to dedicate our wisdom and strength to the thriving of Chinese film industry!

——General Manager: TOM
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